NASDAQ:CELG Celgene Corporation


The name of Celgene corporation tells that it focuses on research and therapy of cancer. Its therapies are based on drugs or cells. Many have already been approved (European Commission recently approved azacitidine) but much more are still on trial or in development. Research centres are in Redford, CA, Seville, Spain, Warren, NJ, Sand Diego and San Francisco, CA.

Another focus area are inflamatory diseases. Apremilast is the Celgene’s first approved substance that inhibits inflamation; it is now searching for new ones.

Kinase inhibitors are an important part of Celgene’s work. They prevent kinases from turning genes on and off, which is those proteins’ task, if that could cause or worsen a disease. This corporation has merits for a great part of kinase inhibitors existing today.

Discovery of kinases is a part of a relatively young field called epygenetics. It studies environmental factors that influence expression of genes. This can be reversed; a key to some cure for some diseases including cancer could be here. Some epigenetic medications already exist. Celgene plans to search for one for a rare form of leukemia.


It is conducting or sponsoring hundreds of clinical trials at the moment and supports biomarker research which could help discover in advance whether certain patient is likely to benefit from propsed treatment.

Targeted covalent drugs are expected to completely silence disease-causing proteins by binding to them for the rest of the proteins’ existence while some existing drugs only stop them for some time. Not even mutation of those proteins, which is common in viral diseases and cancer, will be able to stop them. Targeting will be improved with this type of medication so therapy will hopefully be more efficient and have less side effects.

Celgene is involved with one of the new revolutionary findings: stem cells that can develop in any cell. Scientists hope those cells will some day be used to grow new tissues for people who have their old tissues damaged. They have to be harvested at birth from blood and tissue and can be stored for life.


Drugs are available before approval in trials or outside. Patients who cannot pay themselves are helped by the corporation. Some funds are given to charity, especially to organisations that advocate for patients’ rights and support them and their families. Celgene corporation supports innovation in medicine not only with its own research but also by giving awards to others. It partners with other similar companies for scientific and bussiness progress as well as with advocacy groups. Their common programs expand healthcare services to previously neglected parts of the world. Celgene’s library of compounds helps other scientists develop treatment for diseases it does not specialise on itself.


It is one of the highest performing companies and its sales are constantly growing. One share costs more than a hundred dollars and is estimated do reach about a hundred and fourty-five after a year, which is even a bit more than it has been in the last year. About five millions a day are sold.


Maybe nowadays unfortunately named Isis Pharmaceuticals is focused on having a constructive outcome where we live and work. They urge workers to give their time and aptitude, and to extend our association with patients and our encompassing groups.

Spearheading antisense drug disclosure:

They are the main organization in RNA-focused on medication disclosure and improvement, misusing a demonstrated novel medication revelation stage they made to produce a wide pipeline of best-in-class or first-in-class antisense drugs. The effectiveness and expansive pertinence of the medication disclosure stage permits to find and create antisense medications to treat an extensive variety of sicknesses with an accentuation on metabolic, cardiovascular, extreme and uncommon maladies, including neurological issue, and malignancy. The productivity of medication disclosure innovation permits the company to utilize an interesting business system intended to amplify the estimation of medications and innovation while keeping up a compelling expense structure that restrains money needs. ISIS business technique is bolstered by stage innovation, strong pipeline of medications also multifaceted cooperating procedure, which has empowered them to concentrate on what they do excel at — to find and create novel antisense drugs.

The Company has made an experienced and wide pipeline of 39 medications being developed that addresses the potential for gigantic business opportunities in numerous helpful regions. They have various medications in later-organize advancement that they accept speak to noteworthy close term business opportunities. Volanesorsen is a medication was intended to treat patients with truly high triglyceride levels, incorporating patients with an extreme and uncommon hereditary situation called familial chylomicronemia disorder, also called FCS and patients with familial halfway lipodystrophy, another extreme and uncommon hereditary condition. They started a Phase lll study in patients, with FCS that is expected to reinforce a regulatory requesting of for promoting underwriting for volanesorsen. The Firm likewise plans to begin this year a Phase lll study in patients with FPLD. Notwithstanding volanesorsen, ISIS pharmaceuticals additionally assessing ISIS-TTRRx and ISIS-SMNRx in Phase lll concentrates on. They planned these medications to medicate patients with extreme and uncommon infections, for example, transthyretin amyloidosis, also known as TTR amyloidosis, and spinal solid decay, or SMA, who have exceptionally restricted restorative alternatives. The huge unmet restorative need and the seriousness of these sicknesses could warrant a quick way to showcase. With trust each of the three of these medications can possibly achieve the business sector in the following quite a long while.

Values and Mission:

  • We are in charge of making what’s to come.
  • We trust that the future will be characterized by remarkable individuals, and we are focused on enlisting, creating, persuading, and remunerating them.
  • We take a stab at greatness. Missteps made in the quest for testing goals are acknowledged.
  • We realize that wiped out individuals rely on upon us.
  • We are resolved to arranged and very much overseen change.
  • We have the mettle to handle extreme issues with determination and silliness.
  • We realize that we rely on upon one another. We treat each other reasonably and are focused on the individual and expert development of each individual in the association.


LEGEND Drug Store is a family business (father and children) that was built up in 2005 with therapeutic, administrative and showcasing foundations.

The group is youthful, all around prepared and persuaded. At present they are speaking to distinctive organizations in the medicinal, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, cosmeceutical and toiletry fields.

From involvement in the pharmaceutical field, they have specific groups; The Marketing office is partitioned into three divisions that cooperate to accomplish the best results:

  • Restorative Representatives.
  • Deals Representatives.
  • End Consumer Awareness unit.

Ligand’s business is centered on creating projects that prompt permitting arrangements or procuring eminence income producing resources and matching them to an effective, incline corporate expense structure. Ligand will probably create a primary concern that produces manageable benefits and positive income. By enhancing the arrangement of benefits over various innovation sorts, helpful regions, industry accomplices and medication targets, they offer speculators a de-gambled chance to put resources into the perplexing and capricious pharmaceutical industry.

Ligand has amassed the biggest and most broadened arrangements of the present and future sovereignty producing resources in the business. These treatments deal with the unmet medicinal requirements of patients to meet an expansive range of sicknesses including thrombocytopenia, numerous myeloma, diabetes, parasitic diseases, muscle squandering, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis and sickliness.

Ligand’s Captisol stage advancement is patent and secured, synthetically altered cyclodextrin with design intended to advance the dissolvability and soundness of medications. Ligand has built up different unions with the globes driving pharmaceutical organizations including Amgen, Pfizer, Novartis, Merck, Baxter International, Lundbeck Inc., Eli Lilly and Co. furthermore, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.

  • Situated in California, La Jolla.
  • More than 120 completely subsidized joined forces programs
  • Primary income drivers are Kyprolis,Promacta, Captisol and permit charges
  • Beneficial and income positive
  • 18 workers
  • The Mission is to present brilliant, remarkable and reasonable value items that take part to enhance our client’s wellbeing and prosperity.
  • The Vision is to be the business sector pioneers for the organizations and items that we are speaking to in our region.



John Higgins, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

He is the CEO and a member of the Directors Board for the firm. Before joining Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporations, He was EVP (Executive Vice President), Administration and Finance, Financial Chief Officer and Corporate relation developer for Connetics Corporation which got famed due to Stiefel Labs in 2006.


Ligand has collected one of the biggest arrangements of benefits among its biotech peers with more than 120 completely financed banded together projects.

The portfolio covers an assorted exhibit of signs with numerous projects in late phases of advancement.

Ligand Pharmaceuticals is banded together with around 120 pharmaceutical organizations, which incorporates Captisol and its associations.

Ligand’s stage innovation is Captisol, an artificially altered cyclodextrin intended to enhance dissolvability, security, bioavailability and dosing of dynamic pharmaceutical fixings.


Ligand Pharmaceuticals portfolio’s match the medicinal requirements for patients with diabetes, hepatitis, muscle squandering, Alzheimer’s ailment, dyslipidemia, iron deficiency, asthma, osteoporosis, thrombocytopenia, various myeloma, and parasitic diseases.


Current Financials

Salix Pharmaceuticals-(SLXP) Ltd. established in 1989, creates and advertises medicine pharmaceutical items for the treatment of such conditions as gastrointestinal illnesses and inflamedhemorrhoids. Headquarters of Salix Pharmaceuticals is in Morrisville, North Carolina and conveys items over the United States.

Propelling Treatment in Gastroenterology™

Salix Pharmaceuticals is a strength pharmaceutical organization that offers inventive gastroenterology medications.

They are focused on permitting, creating, and promoting items to treat gastroenterology issue. The main goal to give medicinal services experts and also patients the best arrangements in gastroenterology.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, where the corporate office is situated, they permit, create, and showcase items, for example, XIFAXAN®,  RELISTOR® (methylnaltrexone bromide), APRISO® (mesalamine), GIAZO®, MOVIPREP® (PEG-3350, sodium sulfate, OSMOPREP® (sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate, USP, DEFLUX®, UCERIS® (budesonide) broadened discharge tablets, UCERIS® (budesonide) rectal froth, GLUMETZA® (metformin).


Salix Pharmaceuticals -SLXP was established and started in 1989, in Sunnyvale, CA. The organization was headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. From the year 2001, the organization has been based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with its Business Development and also Intellectual Property capacities in CA, Palo Alto. The establishing items (rifaximin and balsalazide disodium) were in-authorized from two European pharmaceutical organizations for commercializationand advancement in the USA. Balsalazide disodium was authorized fromLondon,Biorex Laboratories Ltd., in 1990, was affirmed by FDA in Nov.2000 and propelled under the trade-name, Colazal, by Salix for the medication of mellow to direct dynamic ulcerative colitis. Before going non specific in 2007, Colazal came to crest offers of $120M. Rifaximin was authorized from Alfa Wassermann SpA of Bologna, Italy in 1996 and affirmed by FDA for the treatment of voyager’s looseness of the bowels in oct.2004 and also hepatic encephalopathy. Rifaximin is generally sold by Salix as Xifaxan, and produced 2014 offers of $650M. Notwithstanding the two establishing items, Salix obtained items from Dr. Falk Pharma, GmBH,WillmingtonPharma (Metozolv). From Napo Pharmaceuticals, Salix procured crofelemer, finished the Phase-3 advancement and picked up endorsement in sept 2013. Crofelemer, propelled like Fulyzaq, is affirmed for the medication of secretory loose bowels particularly in HIV- patients.

In Aug’ 2003, the organization survived an unfriendly takeover offer from a Canadian pharmaceutical organization AxcanPharmaInc, now known as Aptalis. In July’ 2004, Salix gained InKine Pharmaceutical organization, Inc and its item Osmo Prep for $191M. In 2011 Salix obtained Oceana Therapeutics and also its items Solestaand Defluxfor $300M. In 2013, SLXP procuredSantarus and its items Uceris (oral), CyclosetZegrid,Ruconest and Glumetza for $2.6B. Absolute offers of Salix items in 2K14 were $1.1 billion.


In 2015February, Valeant Pharmaceuticals declared it would obtain SLPX for $15.6 billion, making the U.S. pioneer in gastrointestinal medications. The arrangement was finished on April 1st, 2015.

Before physician endorsed medications can be showcased, they must experience a period expending, exhausting innovative work process. Amid this time—which can last over 10 years—the medication is widely concentrated on in the research facility, in solid human volunteers, and in individuals who really have the condition the medication means to treat.

Affirmed/Approved drugs

Items showcased by Salix Pharmaceuticals incorporate rifaximin, a rifamycin-inferred anti-toxin.

Biogen is an American worldwide biotechnology organization situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spend significant time in the disclosure, advancement, and conveyance of treatments for the treatment of neurodegenerative,immune system sicknesses and hematologic to patients around the world.
Biogen uses front line science to find, create, fabricate and showcase natural items for the treatment of genuine ailments with an attention on neurological issue. They are the world’s most seasoned free biotechnology organization and a Fortune 500 organization with more than $5 billion in incomes. Patients overall advantage from our items.
That is one point of view on Biogen, however it is not alone.
To the patients, they are the trusted wellspring of basic treatments for numerous scleroses. The firm likewise found one of the world’s most recommended medications for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a powerful treatment for rheumatoid joint inflammation. Patients depend on them for prescriptions, as well as for an assortment of bolster projects that offer them some assistance with dealing with the rigors of living with genuine sickness.
To their representatives, they are an energizing and stimulating work environment, an aspiring and deft organization where gutsy advancement is empowered and expected — of researchers as well as of each worker. The assembling individuals take pride in our authority in creating biologics, with more than 100,000 liters of limit spread crosswise over three offices. The client administration delegates handle more than 800,000 calls for each year, offering clear data, help and patient administrations. Over the organization, in promoting, deals, quality control and HR, individuals are engaged to challenge tried and true way of thinking and propose better methods for doing things.
To our accomplices and financial specialists, they are a beneficial organization with a rich and assorted pipeline. The firm has the assets, budgetary quality and vision to effectively find, create, fabricate and popularize new item.
First and foremost, Biogen gathered a group of scientists, each doing leap forward science in little, and isolate labs. The accentuation was on imperative science; two of the prime supporters, Phillip Sharp and Walter Gilbert, went ahead to win the Nobel Prize. Biogen was one of the first organizations to create recombinant proteins utilizing hereditary innovation. This spearheading work at last prompted the improvement of AVONEX®, an interferon beta-1a used to treat various scleroses.
Quite a long while later in 1985, IDEC was established by a gathering of California-based examination researchers searching for an approach to utilize monoclonal antibodies to treat tumor. California and Silicon Valley were overflowing with investors, and a gathering of them collaborated with the researchers to shape IDEC. The first thought at last came to the business sector as RITUXAN®.
Whenever Biogen and IDEC converged in 2003, the consolidated organizations were changed into the third-biggest biotechnology organization on the planet. The merger permitted Biogen to scale up the R&D, producing, FDA endorsement components and base required to put up critical new treatments for sale to the public. Then again, it made Biogen an appealing accomplice for littler labs and biotechnology firms growing new medicines (organizations like this now represent a vital rate of every single new medication endorsed by the FDA.

AstraZeneca (AZN) is a well known pharmaceutical company that is located in Cambridge, UK. Merger of Astra and Zeneca happened sixteen years ago in Sweden.


One of its main goals at this moment is to research heart’s self-regenerating ability. We already know that at least some parts of every being’s body can heal themselves, which is the most evident in small wounds. This ability can be promoted with some treatments but until recently, there was no evidence of heart regeneration. However, progenitor cells have been discovered in heart and cardiomyocytes (heart cells) can proliferate, which means the organ has this potential. Although natural regeneration is very slow, it could be sped up using modified RNA or drugs. Affected parts of heart would probably need additional blood vessels to feed them. Luckily, scientists now know which protein can boost new vessel growth.

AstraZeneca conducts many other activities including lupus, diabetes, cancer, neurology, respiratory system, inflamation, immunity and metabolism research. It is involved in global project whose goal is to find an AIDS vaccine. In cancer research, it employs immuno-oncology which is trying to enhance immune system and train it so it could fight cancer. Immune system has this ability but sometimes cancer hijacks certain checkpoints and hereby protects itself. There are also other diseases where immune system engeneering could be one of the best solutions.


In the last year, revision and approval processes for more of its drugs have started. AstraZeneca has a huge portfolio of medications and vaccines it either discovered or obtained a licence to replicate. Compound library is available to all scientists who want to develop new drugs. External partners are invited to cooperation. The company invests four billions into research every year.


The company operates throughout the world and strives to improve healthcare in underserved regions. An example of this is its project Healthy Heart Africa that raises awarenes of hypertension in Africa and offers screening and treatment as lowered costs. Affordability programs help people in poor areas and in USA access treatment. Volunteers visit Africa to teach people about breast cancer.


AstraZeneca mostly takes personalized healthcare approach. An important part of this is development of diagnostics tests that detectd biomarkers and predict who will respond to which treatment; the company hopes it will make one for half of its medicine launches by 2020.


The corporation cares about its employees and sustainability of the workplace. Its new facility is very energy-efficient, conserves water and uses daylight better than the old one.


Profits are mostly growing but have decreased this year due to loss of monopoly for one drug. Still, AstraZeneca is in the seventh place among world’s pharmaceutical companies as far as profits are concerned.

AstraZeneca has more than two millions of shares outstanding. One is a bit more than thirty dollars worth, which is close to this year’s lowest worth but will probably rise again. Earnings per share are not very high but exceed expectations so careful small investments are still recomended.

Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (ACOR) is a pharmaceutical company located in Ardsley (NY, United States). It specializes on neurological disorders and has obtained many awards, some of them for multiple times. Now it metes out its own, Scientific Excelence Award for high school students. This is not the only way it encourages young people to pursue science.


It started as a virtual company that connected scientists, bussinesspeople and patient representatives. Back then, it had just two employees and no headquarters. Now it has them but still maintains the tradition of worldwide collaboration. Scientists can apply for cooperation, not just in terms of employment.


Scientific, non-profit and patients’ organisations that are involved in research, life improvement and raising awareness of neurological disorders can get financial aid from the corporation. Acorda itself organises events that help people learn more about neurological disorders and show their support for anyone living with them. Patients are generally satisfied.


Among three marketed brands, Acorda Therapeutics makes a drug against spasticity, stiffness of muscles due to central nervous system disorders. Its first success was dalfampridine which is a potassium channel blocker. Potassium helps signals travel along nerves so we can move and sense. Multiple sclerosis patients have problems with those due to damaged nervous system but dalfampridine can mitigate impacts of the illness on their walking. Another remedy for them is being developed by ACOR, too.

Chickenpox can leave a burning pain long after rash disappers (post-herpetic neuralgia). ACOR’s epidermal patch can soothe this.

Acorda Therapeutics is now involved in development of a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease. This is a rear disease that causes shaking and numbness. It is not really curable but it is possible to reduce symptoms; in fact, some researchers believe it will once be possible to completely stop shaking so that patients will even be able to do precise tasks like sewing.

Furthermore, the company is developing a drug against migraines. Its medications for heart failure, spinal cord injury and epilepsy are still on trial.


Although pharmaceutical industry is often accused of putting profits before people, Acorda does not seem to think like this. It has a program that helps needy patients from USA (where healthcare is still expensive) cover the price of medication fully or partly.


In the last months, profits have decreased despite the rise in two drugs’ sales. ACOR shares are worth a bit more than thirty-five dollars each, which is much relatively to yields they bring, and have been both worse and better off this year (twenty-five to fourty-five); they are estimated to rise to almost fourty-five again in one year. Although prices fall and rise many times a day, the average change has been positive recently. Hundreds of thousands or shares are sold and bought each day. They are among more profitable ones in healthcare field, with profit margin more than 2.50%. Investors can request e-mail alerts that may be directly related to investments or inform them on development. They are invited to conferences and other events where products are presented and financial policies discussed.


Opko Healthcare, which is a diagnostic and pharmaceutical company, has made its CEO proud with its financial reports for the second quarter. Mr. Phillip Frost, the CEO of Opko Health, is a determined man. He has already achieved much in his life but he does not seem to tire. He has taken Opko Health up by several notches since he took over. Opko health deals with two segments of the health care industry, the first being biopharmaceutical products and therapies, the second and more important segment is the diagnostic facilities of this company. Opko looks forward to building diagnostic facilities that will deliver extraordinary results and utilize the best of technological advancements in scanning and testing of medical conditions.

The 4Kscore test

Opko Health is taking rapid strides towards modernizing the traditional testing and diagnostic methods that had been followed religiously up until now by diagnostic facilities everywhere. The 4kscore test aims to do just that. This blood test for the diagnosis of prostate cancer is a huge leap towards early diagnosis of cancer, which will save millions of lives and might even eliminate the need of a ‘biopsy’ altogether. Getting approval from NCCN for the 4kscore test has proved fruitful for Opko in more ways than one. Doctors can now prescribe this blood test as an early recommended test before a biopsy. Also, Opko’s acquisition of Bio-reference Labs, which is a national testing lab, has helped the success of this innovative cancer test. The 4kscore test is all set to change the way prostate cancer is treated all across the globe.

Flying high

Opko share prices have been on the rise recently and this is a trend that Opko hopes to maintain and improve upon in the future. So what makes Opko one of the hottest new pharmaceutical companies? There are quite a few good reasons behind this. First and foremost is Opko’s dedication to innovation in the field of diagnostics. Their diagnostic facilities have proved to be the best in class and have become highly popular with patients. Another reason is their foray into previously untested waters. Opko is trying to break into the market of Vitamin D deficiency, which did not have any proper treatment till now. Opko plans to come up with a new treatment for Vitamin D deficiency patients. That is surely one huge market for Opko to tap into.

Opko Health has a market capital of around $7 billion and this is growing with every financial quarter. With the future lying ahead for this eager company, the stock market looks pretty hopeful to investors when it comes to ‘OPK’ shares( as this company is known in the NYSE). However, every promising company does not always live up to its expectations. A lot depends on the clinical trials and the pipelined projects for this relatively new company. If Opko can pull off the upcoming products and diagnostics in a positive way, there will be no looking back for this company. OPK shares are currently valued at $9.03 per share and it is definitely a wise investment for the time being, though it is advisable not to put all your eggs in one basket.


Excuse the pun, but it had to be done.

They say conceit always comes before a fall. The bigger you get for your own shoes, the harder you will hit the floor. The latest example of these karmic proverbs is perhaps one of the biggest names in Pharmaceutical industry. Valeant Pharmaceutical has seen the clouds and been at the top of the game since it started business few years ago. It even acquired Bausch & Lomb last year and the industry was abuzz with Valeant’s increasing revenues and increasing foothold in the market. Things were looking pretty hunky dory for this pharma company until of course, ‘karma’ caught on!

Looks like Valeant not only had been marking up their product prices in a big way, pricing drugs at double or triple the original value and swindling customers all over the world, this overly ambitious company had taken numerous loans to acquire companies like Medicis Pharmaceuticals and Bausch & Lomb. Investigators from the FBI have now demanded explanation from Valeant in the form of a subpoena on the pricing of its drugs. This comes at a time when some misdirected tweeter comments from a certain political leader has already done the necessary damage to this company’s declining reputation in the market.

Drug over-pricing is not something unheard of in the ferocious drug market. Although drugs and medications have helped save millions of lives since their discovery, the steep pricing which keep increasing by the day have also been a cause of worry for governments in every nation. The average person often struggles to make ends meet while going through an illness, what with hospital bills and over-priced drugs. That is why governments are struggling hard to reach an even zone where drugs will be priced at fair rates all over the market, irrespective of which brand they belong. Often the better brands and well-reputed drug companies take advantage of their popularity and increase their prices to ridiculous rates that give patients a hard time when they are ill. This practice is not only unethical; it is also illegal and should be dealt with a firm hand. Valeant pharmaceuticals not only took advantage of its growing position in the market, it also toyed with the lives of patients who cannot afford expensive drugs and need those medications to survive. Their drug prices had been rising ever since their declaration of acquiring major drug companies and expanding. Instead of burning the mid-night oil over research and innovation, Valeant seems to have been doing some extensive research over how to stash money into their account by ulterior means.

It of course does not come as a surprise then that Valeant stock prices have now plummeted about 42% in the last few weeks, witnessing a loss of over $25 billion. This apart, Valeant is now also surrounded by a miserable web of its own doing that include huge debts, charge sheets and subpoenas. J. Michael Pearson, the CEO of Valeant said in a press conference that it will “pursue fewer if any transactions that are focused on mispriced products”.

Verisk analytics and risk assessment firm has taken the world of data analytics by storm, with as many as 30 acquisitions since 2000. Verisk analytics started off as a tiny firm in New Jersey, USA and soon went on to become a force to reckon with. The services provided by Verisk were primarily in the field of analytics and decision support. The company has helped provide better solutions and data management to most of the other industries which include fraud prevention, actuarial science, insurance coverage etc. It also delivers standardized solutions for disaster management and risk analysis which include predictive solutions across various fields.

Verisk Analytics started off as a private company but soon went public with its stocks. Their public offering helped them raise $1.9 billion. This made Verisk the largest IPO in the States in 2009. The share prices of Verisk have shown dramatic improvement over the years and have been safe investment for its shareholders till now. Of course it remains to be seen if Verisk can hold on to its reputation and maintain the stability that the market demands. Going by their great track records, Verisk is all set to beat competition at the stock market as well as in the market of data analytics services.

Biomarin pharmaceutical is another safe bet when it comes to investing in stocks this year. Their current stock market rate is at $101.60 and has showed a marked improvement over the years. Biomarin has its headquarters in San Rafael California, and focuses on developing biopharmaceuticals and also commercializing them. They specialize in the research and development of enzyme replacement therapies (ERTs). With trusted drugs like Aldurazyme under its kitty, BioMarin is surging ahead in the fierce competition of the drug market. The primary focus of BioMarin is on drugs that cure extremely rare diseases, the unchartered territory. This sets them apart from their contemporaries most of whom just manufacture and sell well-known formulae. Biomarin is also currently researching on therapeutic treatment for phenylketonuria (PKU) which is again a very rare disease.

BioMarin has been in the news recently for the controversy that involved this company’s clinical drug trials on patients with terminal diseases. Their implementation of unapproved drugs on terminal patients sparked off many raging debates all over the world on the moral issues of unapproved (but successful) drug implementation. However, BioMarin is still in its infancy stages and we can give it the benefit of doubt right now. It still has many more years of development and clinical trial stages to overcome, before it can go out there in the market with a list of great products that can cure the rarest diseases. What makes BioMarin a company to look out for, is the fact that it is focusing on research and development in a big way. The market is already saturated with medicines that are just simple prototypes of each other. It is time to break the mould and get some new drugs to the pharmacy shelves, drugs that will work and cure, and give hope to millions.